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Click on the graphic above to view the sideshow of my aprons.

How many giveaways can I have going at once???!!! Okay…we have the Julie & Julia Giveaway going on.   And I just drew for the July Friday Baking with NotQuiteJuneCleaver winner.  So really adding this one is no biggy right?  That’s just two going on now.  Well…unless you count the fact that the last day of August will bring about another Friday Baking Winner!  Anywho, I had to add my apron to this wonderful event hosted by The Apronista.  Get yourselves over there…there will be LOTS of giveaways to enter.  Show your support!

The apron I will be giving away will be especially made for Apron Fest ’09 and will have an embroidery patch to remind you of this event everytime you wear it!  So you think you want a Apron Fest ’09 Apron from NotQuiteJuneCleaver?  Well all you have to do is leave a comment saying so.  You know, if you have a little apron wisdom to share, feel free.

Then visit The Apronista for more info! And take this button to add to your blog!

Or get the code when you visit The Apronista!


I will be posting pictures of the Apron Fest ’09 apron later today so check back!

UPDATE: As Promised, PHOTOS!!




You know what I love MOST about this apron? It is practically repurposed!  I have had this fabric for several years.  I really can’t remember how long.  I have been intending to make me an apron from it forEVER.  But when I started digging though my fabric for something pretty yet serviceable for this Apron Fest ’09 apron, this fabric practically leaped out of the box at me!  I have washed and dried it several times to soften it. Oh it is going to be OH SO hard to part with!  It also is serving as a template to my ongoing work on “My Perfect Apron”.

Good Luck EVERYONE!!

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If you recall, several weeks ago I announced a little something I am starting here on my blog.


This FUN will begin on Friday May 1st. Which just also happens to be Rachel’s birthday and we will likely be baking something yummy! I will tell you more about it as we go but for now…how about signing up? I will conduct this very cool blog activity in much the same way Kelly is doing her Blue Ribbon Mondays. Which is VERY VERY cool!! And seriously, if you have not stopped by Kelly’s blog and signed up for her Blue Ribbon Mondays…get your happy self over there!

Just sign up below and more instructions and such will follow over the next week as I work out the kinks and will have some buttons and such for you to use to link us all together. Oh yeah and you know there will be prizes. Baking related prizes…now that IS cool huh? For now all you really need to know is:

  1. It is going to be fun!
  2. You know you want to participate
  3. It involves recipes and baking and prizes
  4. That’s enough isn’t it???

Anywho, leave me your name and let me know you are up for the challenge. Oh, I didnt mention it would be a challenge did I??? Oh well it will. I will give you a recipe on Friday(beginning May 1) and by the next Friday you have to have made it and posted about it on your blog WITH PHOTOS. There will be several ways to get your name in the now extraordinarily famous mason jar for the drawing to be held each Saturday for the week’s participants. Each Friday one challenge will end and another will begin. Doesn’t this sound AMAZING???

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Oh yeah, I said the ‘g’ word again!  GIVEAWAY!  In honor of National Wear Your Apron Day, 11May2009 which is the Monday after Mother’s Day this  is going to be a special giveaway!  So here goes.  Leave me a comment, tell me a little something about your favorite apron and if indeed you plan to wear it ALL day on National Apron Day…everywhere ~ work, home, shopping, WHERE EVER you go!

Oh come one, you and I both know it won’t be the most unusual thing you wore in public? I have gone barefoot, in my pjs…I have changed clothes in parking lots, moving vehicles, once when I was 13 or so, and streaking was a big deal (yeah, I am THAT old), some of my girlfriends and I ran down the street (about 5 blocks) and I do mean down as in DOWN TOWN, at midnight, stripped to our underwear (we werent as brave as we thought), stood in front of the flagpole, placed our hands over our hearts (and training bras!) and sang the Star Spangled Banner. So technically, I have been in town in my underwear.  Heck I wore a half a roll of toilet paper to the zoo once!  Not intentionally mind you.  I went to a VERY dark bathroom at the zoo, did the whole “please, please dont let me accidentally touch anything in here” stance and somehow, didnt actually tear the paper when I used it.  So as I walked out I had a LONG stream of paper trailing behind me.  Michele, her girls and my kids found it VERY amusing and really thought it might be the highlight of the trip until I nearly got killed (slight exaggeration) by the beautiful white Bengal tiger.  That actually ended up being the highlight.  Oh, and just in case you ever need to know this, DO NOT MAKE eye contact with a big cat.  They see it as a sign of aggression.  This would have been nice to know before hand.

But back to business.  Tell me your story.  And thank goodness I have TWO HUGE mason jars, ’cause I’m gonna need both!  Oh wait…I will need three…there will be ANOTHER very important announcement tomorrow…something you really won’t want to miss.  Anywho, like I said, leave me a comment, tell your friends, post it on your blog, shout it from the rooftops!  And here is a button to use if you like!


Come on now, won’t this be fun.  OH I forgot to tell you about this particular apron giveaway…its for a VINTAGE apron…doesn’t that make it a little sweeter??? It does to me!  Happy Wednesday Everyone!  And Happy Earth Day! Have a great one!

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What goes well with a good cup of coffee first thing in the morning???? A tender flaky homemade biscuit!  The fourth and final prize is a NotQuiteJuneCleaver Biscuit Kit!  Pasty cloth,two pound bag of White Lily self rising flour,  biscuit cutter and my very own biscuit making recipe booklet~ Biscuit Making 101!


Today is the last day I will add a prize to this very big giveaway but you will have until noon (CST)Wednesday to get your name in the mason jars.  Then afternoon Wednesday I will announce the winners of each of the prizes.  Good LUCK!

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Back in October of last year, I did “A Few of My Favorite Things” giveaway.  It was SO much fun adding things to the box throughout the course of a week.  I am pretty sure if you read my blog very often, it will not be difficult to figure out what those things might be.  However I am going to do it a bit differently this time.  There will be as many winners as their are things instead of one person getting all the goodies!  You can add your name to the already VERY famous mason jar by leaving a comment saying you want your name added on any one of the posts pertaining to the giveaway.  Starting…..NOW!!! The very first item to be given away will be a NotQuiteJuneCleaver apron!  So…if you think you might like to have a handcrafted one of a kind, NotQuiteJuneCleaver creation, then leave me a comment!  Tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday I will add something to this HUGE giveaway and each day you will have to opportunity to enter to win.  Even though you may win only one of these “favorite things”,  you may enter for each one.  Now here is your first glimpse of the soon to be LOVELY apron!


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I just pretend sometimes.  But hey, it’s not my fault.  With elderly parents (rest their souls) and 6 children of my own, I have seen a lot and am fairly good at diagnosing minor things.  Sometimes even major things.  Anywho, I think I have a epigastric hernia.  Yep, that’s my diagnosis and Monday, Dr. B will either confirm or deny. Dr. B did my gall bladder removal surgery and did an excellent job.  Couldn’t have done better myself.  And since this apparent hernia is in relatively close proximity to my gallbladder scar, I would like for him to at least take a peek. I have spent a couple of days lying flat or standing upright for extended periods of time.  Sitting and scrunching those upper abdominal muscles seem to make matters worse.  I don’t think it will be a big deal even if that is what it is.  And it is mostly an uncomfortable feeling more than actual pain.  But it might explain my indigestion etc.

We had a very wet but nice day yesterday in Shrevport doing a bit of holiday shopping. We hit the fabric stores, mall, craft shops, book/coffee shops, Old Navy and just for the record,  Sephora is evil.


It draws you in and dazzles you with its extraordinary selection of skin care products and cosmetics.  And they will sample you on absolutely ANYTHING.  I am so impressed.  I didn’t go with the girls last time they went there and listening to them chatter on about “Sephora this” and “at Sephora they have…”, “can you believe the selection of … at Sephora”.  I was thinking “Good grief my children, it is JUST MAKEUP.”  Right, just make-up and a thousand other cool items!!!  So that was fun and Rachel got a sample of Burberry Brit and we spent much of the rest of the day sniffing her.  Oldest daughter went along as well and we ate supper at Macaroni Grill before heading home.  A good time was had by all.  I cannot comment on most of the purchases because all of my children read this blog from time to time and many were gifts.

In case any of you are wondering about the size of my calves (and I know you never have- that would be a bit strange) they are HUGE.  Even when I was just a slip of a girl, my legs were big.  Not so big you would look at them at go “WOW, now those are some big legs!” but you just try and pull boots on over them.  I found one pair yesterday and on sale and they didnt have my size.  Both the younger girls bought themselves boots.  And they are adorable.  I had ordered two pair to try from Zappos but nope…too tight.  I didnt realize they had a category for ‘wide calves’ but they did (evidently my HUGE calves are not the only ones around) and I looked and will ship these two pairs back and try them. I have a pair of brown casual boots from several years back. They are Born brand and very comfy and the main reason I bought them is because they would go on my legs.  But I would really like to have a black pair. Hopefully these will fit over my gianormous calves:

10942-716096-pSo also,  I have made some decisions about my etsy shoppe and I will be sharing all that with you VERY soon.  AND biggest news…I will be posting a giveaway tomorrow!!! So stay tuned!!!

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I spend much more time reading other people’s blogs than I do writing on my own.  I suppose that is a good thing.  Really, how could I possibly have that much to say! I read all sorts of blogs.  Craft blogs, homemaking blogs, homeschooling blogs, political blogs.  I look for blogs from places I would like to visit or live one day, though I doubt at my age that whole moving thing will ever happen.  I am always struck by how people can “blog from the heart” in such a seemingly easy manner.  Sharing intimate details of their lives like they are talking to their very best real life friend.  And as much as I am an “hey, here I am and this is what I think” in real life, not so much on my blog.  Unless you talk to me in real life you will not know my religious views, political views, personal problems and probably not much of my personal triumphs.  Sharing my mother’s cancer diagnosis and death and the year that has followed has been difficult and I have been very guarded in what I said.

Ten years ago, maybe even 5 years ago, I would have/could have sat down at this keyboard and spilled my guts.  My kids swear its because I have been spayed (yes, I had a hysterectomy a couple of years ago).  They think somehow the removing of my female internal organs, has calmed me.  And evidently tremendously.  I prefer to think I have just wised up.  So few battles are worth fighting much less sharing.  For some reason as I have aged my tolerance for controversy has very much waned.  I used to be known more for my love of it.  The controversy, I mean.  I use to could stir a pot of controversy with great fervor and enthusiasm.  Now I would just as soon not know there is any.  I am quicker to apologize than anger these days.  I adopted a policy of thinking before speaking (you have no idea how hard that has been) and really thinking about what I say to people.  I have learned my way isn’t the only way and at times is not even the good way.  You know, you truly do not know if the last conversation you have with people with be the very last conversation you have with them. So I try now to choose my words and their sentiments carefully.  I don’t mean to give the impression that I am a pushover or peacemaker.  That would be inaccurate as well.  In fact, to find out my true colors, wrong one of my children or say something derogatory against Husband.  I can be a Mama Lion at the drop of a word or two.  And quite frankly will likely never forgive a serious offense.  One directed at me…yes.  Really who cares what people say about or do to me?  I am a grown woman.  I honestly don’t care.  There are only 7 people on this earth that can truly hurt my feelings. Husband and my six children and I know none of them would do it deliberately.  That is just not how we treat each other.  Each one of my children is unique in personality and temperament.  They run the spectrum of religions, politics, social issues.  They argue their beliefs with great passion and at times great volume.  Be it good or bad, we have raised them to think for themselves.  Not to be swayed by what is popular or convenient.  But to act according to their own conscience.  This has had varying degrees of success. But at the end of the day they are all friends as well as siblings so that is success enough I suppose.  And they are a team.  Do not ever make the mistake of wronging one of them and letting the other five find out.  Even as their mother, I cannot be responsible for what happens.  But please believe it will not be pretty. And whether that sibling happens to be right or wrong is irrelevant.  Blood is thicker than water as they say.

I was on the phone with Son #2 yesterday, as I am every day.  He works away from home and he calls me at least once a day to check in.  Yes he is married, and no he is not a mama’s boy.  He loves his family and wants to say in touch.  Anywho, I mentioned to him that a young man at work had been kinda coming on to Hannah.  Asking her to go places and this young man is not her type.  She is not interested.  She is very kind to him and doesn’t want to be mean.  We all know there is a thin line between being kind and being unable to get the “not interested” part across.  So #2 Son says “I will be home in a few days and I will take care of that little problem.”  Did I mention he is FAR more protective of these girls than I even could be?  I assured him she was handling it just fine and if she needed his help she would let him know.  I doubt he heard that part.

As we enter into the Autumn and Winter of this year, I look forward to gathering my family together around my big kitchen table and eating and conversing.  Husband will be home the 20th and the festivities will begin shortly thereafter.  We will begin planning our holiday meals and working our schedules as to not interfere with in-law’s plans.  Somewhere in there Husband will have his surgery for ulnar neuropathy.  So undoubtedly, the next couple of months will present me with subjects to share here.

I don’t think I ever shared that my mom’s house sold and the new owners are moving in this week.  I saw lights on over there last night.  It was very weird to think about someone else living in that house.  I am not sure I feel as “okay” with it as I thought but its a done deal and I have to move on.  I think it has been very hard for me to “live my own life” this past year.  I think that has been what is holding me back and keeping me from creating and being productive.  I always stuck my life around in spaces left over from my parents’ life.  Taking care of them was a privilege, one that wore me to a frazzle sometimes, but now that season is over and I have to find a way to get back on track and accomplish things on my own.  I really am working towards opening my etsy shoppe soon.  But won’t share exactly what will be there.  For one, I dont know!  For two, I don’t want to get my cart before my horse, you know?

Have a wonderful day! And watch carefully…there will be a giveaway SOON!!!

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