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How’s that for an intriguing post title??? So, Mother’s Day was great. Woke up to the biscotti and then before the day was over I got to visit with all six of my kiddos. I am two lovely ferns richer. Adorable funny cards and Juno (the Movie) – we watched it and ate pizza for supper.

The movie was great.  I loved it.  A bit of a tear jerker but hilarious at the same time.

And enjoyed a long phone call from Husband. The Mother’s Day part kinda went like this:

Me: Hey sweetie! (love caller ID)

Husband: Hey girlfriend. Happy Mother’s Day. I didnt get you flowers ordered before I left. Sorry.

Me: That’s okay. I LOVE the wicker furniture you bought me for the front porch.

Husband: Oh. You do? And when did I buy this wicker furniture? I don’t remember this.

Me: You bought it yesterday. Yeah. I knew you wanted me to have it. And I knew you forgot. So I picked up your slack.

Husband: Thank you.

Me: NO! Thank YOU!

Husband: Yeah, cool gift. We can sit out there in the mornings and drink our coffee.

Me: Exactly. Great minds think alike.

Sure made me realize how bad our porch needs repainting!

Have a great Monday…gotta get busy. I have a couple of packages to get mailed too!

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