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Words you never want to hear come out of your child’s doctor’s mouth.  This is the third doctor we have seen who said “Those need to come out!” So I suppose that is what we will do. First we saw our pediatrician, then our allergist, now the ENT.  All of them had pretty much the same reaction.  WOW! I have shared a picture with you but just in case you missed them.

I have to talk to Husband about this today and then I will call and schedule the procedure.  Weird that he isnt sick and the sinus xray yesterday was good.  Who knows why they are so amazingly large?  But the doctors’ (all three) main concern is that for some reason with all his allergies, his throat could swell and his air would be cut off quickly and completely.  And we don’t want that.  So snip, snip.

The ENT we saw was a nice man.  We both felt pretty at ease with him. As at ease as you can when someone is discussing putting your child to sleep.  Benjamin had questions for him and he was very patient and didnt talk to him like he was a little kid.  He answered his questions with good detail and explained things in medical terms that the thought Benjamin would understand.  I think we will probably go ahead with it and not wait for Dad to come home.  Unless maybe Dad would want to come home early??? There’s a thought!

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