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This found its way to my inbox this morning.  Thank you Kim.  I needed this.

Ten Thoughts on Whole Living

1. Rediscover the pleasure of a snowy (rainy, cloudy) day.

2. Food has the power to transform.
Choose yours intentionally.

3. Let your soul weigh in on your decisions.

4. Don’t rush positive change.
The best kind comes gradually.

5. When you indulge, stop to savor every taste.

6. Each day has its small successes—take time to
celebrate them.

7. Beauty reflects self-care. Let yourself glow.

8. Your body craves motion. Allow it to flow in harmony with
your breath.

9. Instead of seeking love, see it—–everywhere.

10. Greet every day with a ritual
of gratitude and strength.

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She knew of what she spoke.  Here is a quote from the old gal:

In spirit, I believe, we must have met.

My eyeballs flew open at 4:26a.m. I always feel weird when that happens.  You know like something woke you up? So anyway I look at the clock again  – still 4:26.  I lean over, pick up my laptop off the floor, open it so I can have a little light, grab Husband’s itinerary off the bedside shelf and look up his flight number.  I go to airfrance.com US site and click on Flight Status.  Then put in his flight number 1685.  Flight 1685 arrived in Paris from Tunis at 11:26 Paris time…which is 4:26 our time.  Cool huh? Or creepy.

When Husband called just a minute ago to let me know he was in his seat on his flight coming to the states, I told him about it.  Oddly, he wasn’t really surprised.

So that is your food for thought today.

Do any of you feel that kind of connection with anyone?  Just curious.

I have a busy day ahead of me.  You all have a good one!

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A new idea for my blog.  Every Thursday I will post something thoughtful, thought-provoking or timely.  Doesnt mean that is all I will post…but it will be my starting point. And I got the delightful idea from a book I just received as a gift: Minutes from the Great Women’s Coffee Club timeliess wisdom from remarkable women by Angela Beasley.  I highly recommend and THANK YOU Nicole!!! For this and the tea and precious little angel.  You are a dear!

Anywho I thought I might share a quote, though or impression on Thursdays. Here is the first go at it.

I had found that motherhood was a profession by itself, just like a school teacher or lecturer.

~ Ida B. Wells

Ida B. Wells (July 16, 1862 – March 25, 1931) was an African American civil rights advocate and an early women’s rights advocate active in the Woman Suffrage Movement. She was the co-founder of the NAACP, a journalist, lecturer, educator and writer.

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