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My Pumpkin Patch

Lovely, lovely pumpkins!

I don’t know how may there are…too wet to walk thru the patch.

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Poor, poor pumpkins

I have no excuse for letting my pumpkin patch get so out of control.  None what so ever.  Now it is a massive undertaking.

I really cant believe I am sharing this picture.  Makes me ashamed of my lazy self.  I LOVE my pumpkins every Autumn.  Others love my pumpkins as well.  I am about half finished weeding as you can see.  And I watered the heck out of them.  A couple of plants have blooms so that is promising.  We never plant your ordinary orange Halloween pumpkins.  Here are a picture of another year’s harvest.


And a little better one…

I have quite a job ahead of me – finishing this today is my goal.

BTW: It is very hard to type with a kitten helping!

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