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I guess I should start by updating you on my progress with this book:

bookpieI am ashamed to say I have not finished it!  Shame on me.  It is good.  It is worth my time.  It’s just that my reading time is very limited right now.  With Husband home, and gardening and sewing and such.  Plus writing my own PIE book…well I will finish it  ~ soon.  Of course in the mean time I have read other things.  But mostly “necessity reading”.  Plus a few little short novels from the library (thanks Connie for keeping me in cozy mysteries!).  Right now beside my bed are two books about British History (non-fiction).  Husband and I watched a movie called To Kill a King with Tim Roth and Rupert Everett.


It was the condensed version of the history of the reign and death of Charles the First of England c. 1645.   By the way, Oliver Cromwell was a bit of a turd, if you ask me.  Being Irish and Scottish, as I am, this is a bit of an understatement I suppose. Everything I have read about him calls him a “strict Puritan”.  No kidding. If by strict you mean crazy, wicked, hateful and cruel, then yeah. But my opinion of him is based on very limited knowledge.  However, I fear that the more I read of him, the less I might like him.  I am a fan (root word of fanatic but much different meaning in my opinion) of many things but fanatics disturb me greatly. Zealous is good.  Over-zealous, not good. I say that with a straight face as I purchase yet another apron pattern 😉 and squeeze one more book onto already over burdened shelves.

So when it was over, we scoured the bookshelves for British History volumes.  You have no idea how many books are in this little house.  And then how many are in storage.  We honestly could open a fairly well stocked library.  While I was gathering books, Husband was reading online about the era.  We HATE not knowing stuff, you know?  And our depth of history knowledge is VERY shallow.  History was never a priority in our schools but we tried and still try to rectify that in our homeschooling. But it has meant that we have learned along side our children.  Which is always a good thing. Our kids are always frightened at our lack of historical knowledge. And we are always amazed at theirs. Hence the number of books on the subject.  We were almost lost in the facts and twisting of them in this movie and had to get an historically accurate picture in our minds.  Like where was Charles I’s palace or palaces?? We had no idea.  We knew it wasn’t the present day palace.  Or one we recognized.  So we paused the movie and looked it up online.  Our quick look brought us to Hampton Court Palace which was the one shown in the movie.

800px-Hampton_Court_PalaceHome to many Monarchs and a fave palace of Henry VIII. Did you know Charles I was the only British Monarch to be executed?  I didn’t.  I am telling you, my knowledge of British History is sorely lacking.  Our time in London last October was just NOT ENOUGH.  I want to go back and visit more places.  The Tower of London was amazing and seeing Buckingham Palace was a dream come true but there is so much there.

I do wish movies of historical subjects, would be as accurate as possible and take as few liberties with facts as they can and still make it movie length.  But I suppose I really shouldn’t try to get the bulk of my history lessons from movies!

All this was to say, I liked the movie and would recommend it! I know you are all sufficiently bored now with our mundane Friday Night Movie Review.

Today, it seems I might have to replant some pumpkins.  I am pushing it really as it is getting late to plant and expect to have them ready by end of October.  But I hate also to give up too easy.  Our lack of rain has really hurt the germination.  We water, but it is just not the same as a good soaking rain every now and then.

Pumpkin PatchHere is my big patch chart.  I also have 5 raised beds planted with smaller bush type gourds and pumpkins.  Hopefully more will be up by the 15th so I don’t have to try to get more seeds out.

I plan to try and make Yorkshire Pudding today.  You know, Yorkshire Pudding is not pudding at all but a kind of popover.  Yeah, threw Husband off the first time they were served at work.  Pudding?  That isn’t a pudding.  That’s a biscuit.  NO a biscuit isn’t sweet! That’s a cookie!!! Yeah, everyone was befuddled! I will let you know how they turn out.  Who knows, maybe they will show up in a Friday Baking challenge soon!

I suppose that’s all for today.  Have a great weekend.

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Due to a slightly underwhelming response 😦 and lots of things going on on the home front for the next few weeks, I am suspending this event for a couple of weeks.  I thank those who have participated.  But this is just a respite! We will be back to this and with gusto! I am going to re-write some of the rules to make them less confusing and give more folks a chance to participate and get this thing rolling!  I think it is a great idea and I hate that it is off to a rocky start.  But I really am going to be out of town quite a bit until my brother is back on his feet and I didn’t want to be the “stick in the spoke”, you know?

If you made this past challenge (Bakewell Tarts), I am still doing the giveaway this coming Saturday but will not post a new recipe Friday, May 22.

Have a great weekend!

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UPDATE: I will not be making your surprise gift for this giveaway because my friend over at  GirlyAprons is donating a lovely tote!  Sweet! Thanks Michelle!


I would love to hear how each of you is honoring Earth Day.  Take a moment to leave me a comment and I will put your name in the now VERY VERY famous mason jar,  for something VERY VERY special for Earth Day – nope not an apron this time…though that would be lovely wouldn’t it?  Nope one of my other most favorite possessions – a book.  And not just any book – Walden by Henry David Thoreau.  If you have read it, leave your comment anyway, ’cause if you dont have a copy of your own you should…and if you do have a copy, and happen to win, then give it away to someone who needs it. Oh…and there will be a little something I made to help you celebrate Earth Day everyday…but its a surprise!

I will draw for it on Friday before I leave for a extremely exciting trip that I am going to make you wait to hear about until I return….with PICTURES!  And this trip is ALL ABOUT APRONS! Oh okay…go here and you will know why I am so excited! Scroll down and check out April 25.  Yep…I am as good as there!

Guess you might be a bit curious about what I am doing.  Planting.  Yep.  Working in my garden.  In my flowers.  Doing as much outdoors tomorrow as possible. Rachel and I have a big day planned for tomorrow.

Click to play this Smilebox photobook: Earth Day

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at the pie tin for the giveaway:

pietinI am VERY curious about why it says “deposit” on the tin.  Anyone have any ideas?  Curious, don’t you think?  Anywho, there you go…a peek at the tin that will go in this month’s giveaway box.  Pretty cool I think.

I had a very productive day yesterday to spite my melancholy mood over Husband’s departure.  I made this LOVELY apron for a friend.


A friend who has been more than patient with me over the past month.  I just could not get it done while Husband was home.  She understands – her husband works the same kind of shift mine does.

Also we had Michelle and her girls over for supper and a movie.  Brats with macaroni and tomotoes (my brother reminded me of this childhood favorite on his facebook list of favorite foods) and this beautiful strawberry pie that Rachel made for us.


It was just as delicious as it was beautiful! It was a graham cracker crust, custard filling with fresh strawberries and a glaze…OH MY!

And the movie: The Secret Lives of Bees.

lifeofbees2_500I LOVE this movie.  First of all LOVE bees. But you all knew that I think.  I LOVE Queen Latifah.  I loved the book ( I read it when it first came out), LOVED the house.  LOVED how it turned out even with all the heartaches. I grew up during this time in our history…the injustice was hard to watch but it was very honestly portrayed.  The South in the ’60s was a very volatile place.  My hometown was no different.

Okay, that is it for today.  I have to get busy!  I have lots of things to share on here but for today, this is it!  More soon.  Have a great Wednesday!

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Paul Wilson and his wife Tina. Tina is a lovely friend I met online and WOW do they have a lot going on!

I just got this LOVELY canvas print:


Isnt she BEAUTIFUL??? I promptly framed her and she hangs in my studio! Yeah, I used the word “studio” to describe my creative space…I like that word. Anywho back to Paul & Tina.

After 15 years in a corporate job with security, benefits and vacation time Paul quit his job in 2007 to pursue freelance design and to sell products independently. His wall graphics took off and in 2008 he was featured in MaryJanesFarm and Romantic Country. His designs run from simple cartoony subjects appropriate for nurseries and kid’s rooms to photo realistic butterflies and beetles. While the wall graphics are the main product he currently sells in his Etsy shop he also does custom work and helps other crafters by producing full color vinyl show banners for them.

His personal business site: www.wilsongraphics.net

AND…let me just say you also need to mosey over to Small Town Living


Who are The Wilsons and how did they end up producing Small Town Living?

Paul and Tina with three children live in the panhandle of Florida. Early in 2006 they were talking to some family members who were planning to move to Thomasville, GA. Their plans were driven in part by a desire to get away from the congestion and sprawl in their own town. On a whim Paul & Tina drove up to Thomasville for a weekend and fell in love with what they found. People were friendly, open and made them feel welcome where ever they went. At one point, lost, they stopped and asked a woman sweeping her porch for directions. She told them how to get to the street they were looking for and when she heard they were considering moving to her community she told them they would love it. Her friendliness and warmth were one of the many pleasant memories they still have of that visit.

Once back home they began to talk more about also moving to the area to be closer to family and to get away from the rampant development they were seeing in their community. There were a lot of things they had to consider, where to work, where to live, would they buy a new home? a historic home? land outside of town? They spent hours researching all these topics. Tina had been raised in a rural community and let it be known that if they got a place with a bit of land she would like to own a few animals and grow a few things – Her farm girl was starting to wake up again after living in the city for 15 years.

Small Town Living was born from the interests the Wilsons have in living in a smaller rural community and from Paul’s love of publication design. They share the information they find with you and resources we all can enjoy using. For the time being they going to continue releasing the magazine in a digital format, but they are looking forward to the day that the first print issue rolls off the press. This topic resonates with many people who want things to move a little slower and simpler, who want to call some small town somewhere….Home.

I asked them to tell me in their own words what Small Town Living is all about and here is what they said:

We started Small Town Living in 2006, inspired by a visit we made to a small rural community to see family. The warmth and friendliness of the people we met were something we had found missing in our own larger community. When we returned home we talked at length and decided that it was time to relocate. We also decided to create a publication centered around the values and ideals that seemed to personify “small town living”.

Small towns have been in decline for years. Many Main Streets sit empty and desolate, replaced by Big Box Marts and shopping malls. The individual character of family shop keepers have given way to homogenized cookie cutter business plans and smiley faces. When you walk in the front door of these huge chains you always know what you’ll see, no surprises. While we have convenience and predictability we’ve lost a rich history and character that independent shops brought to our communities.

It seems like small towns speak more of self reliance as well. Gardens grew rich and lush, chickens wandered free in backyards, and fresh food was just outside the kitchen door. Instead we get veggies three weeks old, shipped from hundreds of miles away. We never meet our growers and have no idea the care given to our food along the way.

So Small Town Living is going to be about revitalizing the simple important things that were lost in our rush for bigger and better. We’ll tell you how to garden, keep chickens in your back yard, mend clothes, fix your own broken fences ,and rebuild community.

We hope you’ll stay with us for the long haul as we grow and develop. Each story is brought to you by someone who wants to add their ingredient to the “soup”, and together we’ll make this publication into something we hope will enrich you, your family and your community.

I have been getting this beautiful publication since the first one and I can tell you I am certain you will love Small Town Living!


Oh and Tina has her own etsy shoppe you will want to visit!

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I will be sending out a Round Robin Informational Email this weekend – if you havent sent me an email and you want to participate please do so no later than tomorrow.

I will announce the March Giveaway over this coming weekend.

I am going to review The Kitchen Linens Book by the wonderful EllynAnne Geisel VERY soon…possibly over the weekend.

And a little something I whipped up today!


See you all VERY soon!  I need to share my little sprouting herb pictures with you, too!

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As many of you know, if you are enjoying your AOCD (Apron Obsession Compulsion Delight) as much as I am, Stampington just released (apron*ology). One hundred and forty-four pages (plus covers) devoted to aprons – of every description!  Well lo! and behold! I ended up with two copies of this treasure! So, what can I do but offer one up – well with a OOAK NotQuiteJuneCleaver apron of course.  Duh.

What I LOVE about Stampington magazines is they are really not magazines.  They are workshops that come to you! In fact they even have a magazine called Somerset Workshop.  I won’t tell you how many of their magazines I have because, well, that’s a little personal isn’t it??? Nosey!

Anywho, here’s a pic of the lovely cover of (apron*ology) —


OHHHH and did I mention that our very own beloved EllenAnne Geisel! Author of The Apron Book and The Kitchen Linens Book…oh and of course the pocket book Apronisms is featured!! A lovely spread!  You can go here and take a peek if you cannot wait for the magazine.

Here the skinny: To be entered in this giveaway, leave me a comment.  Tell me about your very favorite apron.  Even it it isn’t yours.  Even if it is an apron you saw someone else wearing.  Share your apron story. And if you would mention this giveaway on your blog that would be extra sweet of you.  The button is below.

If your name is drawn from my very special mason jar, you will receive one copy of (apron*ology) magazine and a OOAK NotQuiteJuneCleaver Apron.

The deadline for entering this giveaway is the morning of  February 23rd.  I will draw the winner at noon CST  February 23 and as soon as I get that lucky person’s address info, I will send the package right out to you!

And I suppose you might be interested in the apron that will be given away too…well…here’s a little hint:


That’s all I have to say about it for now!  Good luck to everyone.  Tell your friends, and if you want to link to this post here is a cute little button for you to swipe and post!


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