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fabricThought you might like to see it.  Pretty huh?

Oh…and I plan to make it from this pattern:


P.S. I am having difficulty leaving comments for some of you.  But I have all your names in the jar!

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I have been looking thru vintage publications today.  I will tell you why another time but for now I want to tell you what I have found.  Women have always been obsessed with their size.  And publications have always unrealistically (and rather cruelly) portrayed women by only showing that wasp-waisted mom icing a cake, that mom you know good and well will never take a bite of that lovely cake! Was it girdles?  Was it truly portion size?  Was it that there really wasnt fast food readily available?  Did they actually move more?  I don’t know, but I want that waist size.  Truly I do.  I want to wear a shirt waist dress and it be so incredibly fitted that if I eat a sandwich you will be able to tell! What I don’t want to do is starve or get a terminal illness to get it.  Yes, as a nation we have gotten fatter (there is no nice word for it) but also, no matter how small the average was…it was never small enough! So I think it is a losing battle! When I get through with this post I think I will have that last piece of cake I can see from where I am sitting.

Then some things are coming full circle.  Aprons for instance.  OH MY-I would say 8 out of 10 women in ads have on aprons.  The other two have on a bra.  Just a bra…lots of bra ads! But the aprons just jumped out at me. There are instructions and patterns to order. Ahhhh the good old days!  A 5 cent magazine with patterns for sale for the price of a stamp! This was a page from The American Family Magazine November 1952:


I also saved this scan as a pdf if anyone wants a copy leave me a note. And the ads for sewing projects and ads for sewing machines.  Am I not buying the right magazines or are these no longer ad-worthy?

Here are just a few lines I have run across that make me smile…and grimace…

Family Circle June 1959 ~ Page 69 ~ an ad for Libby’s Tomato Juice.  Shows a couple hugging and looking over in a bassinet at a newborn…awwwww…then you read on.  If you are staying slim for him, you’ll be happy to know Libby’s Tomato Juice can make it easier…blah, blah, blah…

Same issue Page 71 ~ an ad for Diet Delight Bartlett Pears...the pears that make it fun to watch your weight!

Then there’s always the ever present ad for Lysol…for ‘feminine’ cleansing…NOT kidding.  YIKES!

And the ad for Lucky Strike cigarettes that show a darling girl with her prom dance card and a lit UNFILTERED cigarette! That could also explain the weight loss!

I will be uploading more stuff to share soon.  I should be doing laundry and other things but I sure got caught up in these lovely old magazines!

Last but not least, a recipe:


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I got the sweetest email last week from Grace over at Larkspur Funny Farm I had won a naming contest for her newest 4 legged babies!  I submitted the name Seamus in honor of my late and great 4 legged baby Seamus.  My Seamus passed this Summer.  Here he is on a better day:


I was so happy to hear Grace had chose my suggestion.  I will be posting a picture of her Seamus as soon as I have one.  She tells me he is quite headstrong yet timid about affection.  I warned her that may not pass if my Seamus was any indication!  Anywho, I opened my mailbox yesterday and out wafted the loveliest aroma!  Here is the “Little One” I received from Grace.

littleoneAdorable!!! And oh the scent! Grace tells me the yarn is handspun from her Angora Ned, the felt comes from her sheep Peppermint and herbal contents are from her garden. The body of this little treasure is a repurposed wool jacket she swapped for at a school auction.  HOW cool is that???  Thank you Grace!  And please, all you happy readers visit her blog AND her etsy!

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I have the apron ready to mail.  And planned to mail it Monday BUT I just got an email from the author of French General Home Sewn and she is sending me a autographed book plate for the book soooo..I think that is worth the wait, which should only be a day or two longer or maybe I will just mail it separate.  Who knows it may come in Monday’s mail and then there will be NO wait.  toileaprongiveaway

Also thought you might like to see one of my many latest acquisitions from etsy.  Just so you know, etsy is addictive.


Isn’t that the most cleaver watch band ever?  Especially for someone who loves to sew! Check it out here.

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I think if you have been here more than twice you probably know I have a love of aprons that borders on an obsession. And I mean that in a good way! Aprons have brought me memories, deja vu even. They have kept me clean. They have provided me work to do to keep my hands busy while I grieved for my mother. They have been some of the most well received gifts – both ones I have given and ones I have received. And they have brought women into my life that I would have never known had an apron not brought us together. Kindred spirits. Homemakers, mothers, wives, grandmothers from everywhere!

There have been times in my life when I “met myself coming back” as my mom used to say. Which to her meant, so busy, so caught up in things, that you were through before you really got started and wondered what had gone on in between. Had you really accomplished anything and if so, what on Earth was it?

Then thereare the times like I have spent over the past year and a half, still spinning in a circle over my mother’s death, untilI am too dizzy to stand up any more and I sleep a while and then get up spinning in place again. Days have passed. Weeks, months and now over a year. Still unfocused and a bit lost as to what my next step should be. And frankly, it has gotten a bit embarrassing to keep telling my friends when I see them or talk to them and they ask what I have been up to…Nothing. Absolutely nothing. They know and I know that is not completely true. I have kept up with my family’s needs but what have I done in the creative arena. That’s where the nothing comes in. Comparatively anyway. When I had my soap business up and running and was making 3000 bars of soap a month – that was busy. That was real work. I was doing everything I am doing now the business.

So, I woke up yesterday morning thinking it was going to be a typical day. Regular housework, cooking, homeschooling, a little cleaning. I sat down to read and write emails and when I hit send on one in particular, and I almost immediately got a reply: “You will not believe this! I was just writing you an email, and your email popped through! Please call me at_______it’s easier to chat than write all this.” Those two sentences and the conversations that followed changed everything. My attitude, my focus. It was my wake up call. One I have been waiting on for over a year. You might be wondering who was on the other end of this story. EllynAnne Geisel. Yes THAT EllynAnne Geisel. The Apron Book.



We spoke for what seemed like just a few minutes and ended up being almost an hour and then a couple of quick phone calls after that. A kindred spirit. You will be hearing more about my new friend, who instantaneously felt like and old friend. If you don’t have these books, or don’t know who EllynAnne is and what she represents and even if you do and you have not been to her website, get yourself over there NOW. I am not kidding. Be prepared to be there a while so make yourself something to drink and maybe a snack, and click here.

The post I made yesterday about “a new day dawning”. It’s about time, isn’t it? So what will today bring? I don’t know, but I know I will feel differently about it regardless.

A special thanks to EllyAnne whose heart is true and whose enthusiasm is contagious. A new day has dawned for me.

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Have two copies of this LOVELY book French General Home Sewn ! So I am giving one away!  This is a beautiful book with 30 sewing projects.  This is from the amazon.com website:

As the founder of the renowned crafts and notions store French General Kaari Meng scours the French countryside and Parisian flea markets for vintage treasures. Now this beloved designer has gathered her favorite patterns into a charming sourcebook sure to be coveted by crafters Francophiles and home decorators. She offers 30 simple sewing patterns for French-inspired projects~a scalloped tablecloth piles of pillows and bedding a festive party garland totes~and more. Lay-flat spiral binding and ready-to-use pattern sheets and embroidery transfers plus step-by-step directions gorgeous photographs and helpful illustrations make it easy to bring the palettes and pleasures of traditional French living into any home.

How to win you ask?  Leave me a comment saying you’d like to enter and if you would be so kind as to mention this giveaway on your blog, I would very much appreciate it.  Nothing elaborate.  Just a little blurb sending folks back over here with this graphic used as a link back to me.


Am I making sense?  Sound like a lot of trouble??? It’s not really.  And since you are so nice to oblige me in this…I will be adding a toile apron to go with your new sewing book!  A one of a kind toile apron made by Moi!  How does that sound?  Pretty sweet huh? The deadline to leave a comment is Thursday at noon CST.  I will do the drawing Thusday evening.  And just so you know…I will be doing a Valentine’s Giveaway as well!

Good luck everyone! Now leave me a comment and I will put your name in the trusty mason jar!


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Hint, hint…

I just couldnt resist showing you a little glimpse of the apron I just finished and mailed.  It is so adorable!  If the lovely customer who ordered it reads this, remember: CHECK THE POCKET! The hidden pocket.  That’s all the hints.blueredapron.jpg

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