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Dictionary.com says a magpie is an incessantly talkative person; noisy chatterer; chatterbox. A person who collects or hoards things, esp. indiscriminately.

Chatterbox?  Husband would tell you YES!  Indiscriminate Collector of Things? Well I wouldn’t say indiscriminately. Not really.  I can’t help it if I fall in love with things like aprons and Pyrex and sewing notions and kitchen witches and bottle caps and wine corks and cookbooks and anything with the Eiffel Tower or cupcakes on it. I have even looked long and hard at cupcake tattoos! I remain markless unless you count stretchmarks and having both knees scraped when I missed a step up the other day going to get my hair cut.  Yeah, I fell. Down. In town.  In public.  Hey, I got up by myself so :p!  But back to collecting.   I mean indiscriminately would lead one to believe I would just collect anything and everything and that every nook and cranny in my home is full.  Ooops.  The last part of that sentence is pretty spot on.  I really do have too much stuff for the size house we live in.  Which is not to say we need a bigger house.  I just need to clean out some things.  And just maybe I will. Another day.

The catering went very well this weekend.  I think customers were very pleased.  You can follow the link and see for yourself.  Bookmark Rachel’s site – she will be putting up the recipes today I think.

You know, if you visit here very often, that we are a bit food obsessed.  Just a bit.  Gesikah made something I have always wanted to try but just wasn’t brave enough.  Let’s just say “sprinkles”.  Her post is not up just yet, but I have glimpsed the fruit of her labors and OH MY.  I am very impressed.  And a bit miffed that I didn’t get a taste.  I can’t believe one of my three favorite daughters would not drive 30 miles to share something so lovely with her mom.  You might like to bookmark her site as well, I hear the post will be up today and I am assuming it will be in a tutorial form, recipe and all.  I don’t know that for a fact, but I hope so.  I think maybe it is something Husband would like to tackle.

I told you a couple of days that I had an impromtu hen party Friday evening.  And my dear friends Tami and Karen (Karen you really need a blog!) had been antiquing and brought me some goodies…well here they are!

goodiesThe apron is pristine!  And the chicken hot pads CUTE!!! And the watering can had a rose on it, for Rose Cottage … awww … and a CUPCAKE cookie press!  The other press is a gift box…both adorable!  If y’all read this, THANKS again!

Rachel and I are taking a day to clean the kitchen today.  Really straighten our cabinets and such.  We have all our catering supplies (dishes, containers) to wash and put away. I figure it will take all day.  There is quite a layer of flour and confectioners sugar on the floor! We were so pooped when we got home from the recital,  we just put everything down and crashed.  I even went so far as to serve sloppy joes for supper! They sounded so good, but I have to admit…not as tasty as I remember.

So, catch you all later!  Be sure and check out Rachel and Gesikah later today, as usual there will be good stuff there!  I really need to get a button from these two to place in my blog roll!

Have a great Monday! Oooo I almost forgot…here is your overall picture of the day:


Poor little Ben.  He kept a black eye or busted lip.  He was a climber!

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As you all know we left Friday for BIG D. Yep, Dallas, Texas. And yeah, everything is bigger in Texas! I cannot tell you how many times one of us uttered that phrase over the weekend! I think I was most amazed with the size of some of the homes we saw as we drove out to Frisco to the IKEA store on Friday evening. More about that later. The whole point of me going was to attend EllynAnne Geisel‘s booksigning at the Dallas Women’s Museum.


As you all know her new book The Kitchen Linen’s Book: Using, Sharing, and Cherishing the Fabrics of our Daily Lives, is amazing!


All I can tell you is to get yourself a copy! The book signing at the DWM was lovely! Such a great turnout. I didn’t get a headcount but if it were my booksigning I would have been thrilled! EllynAnne had a vintage case FULL of beautiful linens and things to share with us. And the stories behind each one were just as beautiful. It just made me realize even more how much we need to cherish these kinds of things. Not because they are things, but because of the work of the heart that went into them. The time spent hand stitching…if those linens could tell us the tales! Most of the ladies brought linens for “show and tell” and to say a good time was had by all is an understatement!


Here’s a pic of EllyAnne and me at the book signing. If you have a chance, please go out and meet EllyAnne and see all she has to offer at her book signings…they are not just book signings…they are history lessons! She had some of the finest linens I have ever seen and touched. And the hearing stories that go with each are worth my time alone. But EllynAnne’s presentation, her Southern hospitality and North Carolina accent, her accessability – that all made the trip even more special! You will be hearing more about it later I am sure!

After the book signing, the family and I went on a walking tour of downtown Dallas. We were staying at the Hotel Indigo on Main Street and it was a perfect location for tooling around the Historic District on foot. We saw The Grassy Knoll,


heard some very interesting presentations about the Kennedy Assassination, toured the Dallas World Aquarium

img_2267and took LOTS of pictures!

Then on Sunday we headed out early and made it to IKEA when it opened at 10. WOW…lots of good stuff at good prices! Believe it or not I bought fabric! I will share all that with you in another post…hopefully a link to a post (hint hint Gesikah!) We were told my someone (no names) that we had until 12 noon (went a little over) so hopefully we will go back again soon and see what other goodies we can find.

Have a great Tuesday!

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Finally I am getting around to posting the second blurb about this lovely giveaway….okay so you have the hint about the apron.  LOVELY fabric…here’s a reminder:


Now for the second hint: It is something that is a FAVORITE thing I collect.  Yeah, I should keep it!!! But I have sooo many, I think I should share one…a VINTAGE PIE PLATE!  yep.  I am going to part with one!  I will try to update this post and get a picture up – my camera battery is dead!  So check back.

Here is your second chance to enter the giveaway.  Leave me a comment and tell me what your FAVORITE pie is! I really want to know!  Mine is Strawberry Pie.  And I will be making one today or tomorrow.  I bought a flat of strawberries on the way home from taking Husband to the airport yesterday.  I do love me some strawberries!

Have a great Tuesday and here is a thought for you:

It is not wise to rush about. ~  Lao Tzu

I think I shall heed this today…I have so much to do but if I rush, I am going to miss something or mess something up that will have to be re-done.

Tami if you read this, I swear I am finishing your apron!!!

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Quick post to share these pictures with you!




I love the photos Rachel took…self portraits arent the easiest I hear…but these are great!

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went out and about yesterday.  Antiquing…people watching…driving thru the beautiful green East Texas backroads. Rachel and I decided yesterday morning to head over to Hemphill/Milam to check out some little antique stores we have been have been admiring from the outside.  Little did we know when we left here that Hemphill was hosting an antique car show.   redcar

img_0821We had a blast all day.  We talked “cookbook photography” and ideas all the way over, we bought some “props” for said photos.  And I found 4 – yes FOUR lovely, near perfect vintage aprons!  Pictures of those later.  I am going to get Rachel to model them for me…well and for you!  The really deserve a post all their own.

One thing I passed on yesterday I wish I had bought…

glassesAre these some snazzy glasses or what??? Not quite cat-eye enough…

We came home to a wonderful supper prepared by Husband.  A VERY tasty Smoked Chicken and Carmelized Onion Soup – WOW it was wonderful.  I will get the recipe from him soon and pass it along.  We are having another soup this evening.  I have leeks I need to use today so I am making a Potato Leek Soup and will add that recipe later as well.  \

I have to get busy, I have enjoyed my morning coffee and there is plenty to do today! Oh…here is a little peek at some very happy herbs that are awaiting their new home.  Husband is working on the new herb beds so it will be a few days.


Gotta get up from this computer and get rolling.  Have a great Sunday everyone!

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