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Tea and Sympathy


If I could invite you all over for a cup of tea, I would.  You are all too, too kind and generous with your sympathies.  I think unless one has lost their mom, it is hard to imagine how you will feel. As I have honestly stated before my mom and I didnt always see eye to eye and get along perfectly.  But we always loved each other regardless.  And I knew I would miss her, I just didnt know how that would feel.  Or how I would handle it.  If I would just have sad moments where something made me cry or if I would have days where I stayed in bed and felt sorry for my orphaned self.  I have had both now.  That of course doesnt mean the end of it.  I doubt it will ever end.  If I could bring myself to get busy with things it would help.  But even with all my cleaning plans, and sewing projects, I didn’t do much yesterday.  Just vegetated.

Today is a new day and I AM going to do more.

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